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Are you yearning for a travel experience that is uncomplicated and natural, where you will eat from an abundance of fresh and healthy food from the local land and sea, embrace milleniums-old traditions and history, and make good friends among warm and welcoming people?  Then Crete, Greece is your perfect Pavlos Crete Greece []destination, and is your perfect companion.

Simple Life, Simple Travel in Crete

Crete is a mix of large tourist resorts, small fishing villages, remote settlements and cities such as Chania and Iraklio which have been inhabited for almost 8,000 years.

The island of Crete is an outstanding destination: a pleasant climate practically year-round, an amazing landscape and a history stretching back to the start of civilization.  This is a magical place, and the focus of is to provide you with information and resources so that you can experience Crete on a human scale, where it really shines. We want you to be able to cultivate your experience of connection with all that the island has to offer.

In more practical terms, you will find information so that you can experience at its Crete best: by traveling lightly and with a loose and adjustable itinerary which, regardless of the length of your stay or the time of year, should include:

  • Visiting villages, towns and cities to experience ways of life that in many perspectives are still in tune with nature.
  • Escaping your day-to-day worries by relaxing on amazing beaches – from tiny, isolated pebbly coves to grand strands of fine white sand.
  • Roaming the countryside, often to out-of-the-way places, to experience history and appreciate the beauty of Crete’s incredible – and sometimes contradictory – natural world.
  • Getting to know the proud but also informal, friendly and hospitable Cretans. 

What to See in Crete, and Where and When to Go has the web's only original, most comprehensive, and current content on Crete. Here you willGavalahori Crete Greece [Vassil] find all the information you need, whether you are planning a short vacation or considering living in Crete. Even if you just want to learn more about Crete in general, you will find a wealth of facts and knowledge on our site. You will see that although many head to Crete, Greece to relax on one of its many beaches, that activity is the least of what the island has to offer. You will also find ancient palaces, the longest gorge in Europe, amazing restaurants and cafes and a wonderful selection of local products including produce, wine, tsikoudia/raki, honey, herbs and olive oil.

Archeological sites abound in Crete, Greece. For example, Knossos, just outside Iraklio, has well-preserved ancient frescos, and legend has it that the palace was home to the Minotaur of Greek legend. For those looking for more physical exertion, you can hike through many of the gorges across the island including the 16 kilometer long Samaria Gorge. The Peza region produces about 70 percent of Crete's wine, and is a haven for aficionados. Wander around the towns of Chania, Iraklio and Rethymno to take in their Venetian and Turkish atmospheres. 

Needless to say, with everything you can see and do you will not get bored on a trip to the island of Crete!

However, just as important as what you should do and see while in Crete is what we think you should avoid in Crete:  touristy hot-spots, amusement parks, party centers, outrageously expensive luxury villas, structured multi-day guided tours, or self-contained beach resorts where you don't venture into the island; you will not find any of these Zaros Crete Greece [] at

Some times of the year are simply better than others for certain sites and experiences due to mass tourism or weather.  Where it makes sense, we have included tips on the time of year and/or time of day to get the most out of your visit to certain spots.

Most importantly: Rent a car, but be careful on mountain roads. Stop at one of the many roadside honey/raki/herb/olive oil stands and buy something. Try Cretan specialities in restaurants. Learn a few Greek words and use them. Marvel at the how bright the night sky seems above your head and search for shooting stars. Don't ever decline the offer of an ouzo or  raki/tsikoudia. And savor the laid back Cretan way of life. 

Where to Begin Your Visit to Crete

 New to Crete? Check out our Intro to Crete page, where you will find some general information about Crete and tips on navigating our site in the best way that suits your needs.  Alternatively, if you want to find some information on a particular subject, use Search to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We hope what you find on our website encourages you to visit Crete on your own terms in order to truly understand its beauty in every aspect.  If you have any questions, comments or feedback about our site, please
let us know!

Kaló taxídi  - Have a Great Trip! 

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